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We Love Saito!

A Community for all Hikari Saito(Hub Hikari) Fans

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Welcome! This is a community established for all fans of Hikari Saito(Hub Hikari) of the series Rockman.exe(MegaMan Battle Network)!
Game Spoilers will be discussed here, just as a warning.
If you don't know who he is, then you're probably in the wrong community, because if you don't know who he is then you probably haven't beaten a single game in the series. XD Go to the Saito Fanlisting and Shrine(which is owned by the owner of the community) if you want to know any more.
You don't have to be a fangirl or fanboy of Saito to join. You can just be a fan. You can even just be a fan of Rockman.exe as a Navi(because, you know, they ARE the same).
Please don't join just to flame other members. You don't want to get banned, do you?
Fanfiction, Fanart, and other such fanworks are welcome. No yaoi please, if you think something is shounen-ai-ish please contact me first to see if I don't think it's that bad.
Please don't steal others' works, if you found a pretty picture of Saito link to the site that has it, not the image itself.
Oh, and you do not have to use the Japanese names. The English language ones are fine with me.